(Un)Packing Up, Again

I’m someone who is fascinated by starting over, probably because it took me nearly 24 years to finally start a new life for myself. I’m not a fan of sitting still. I also wear a necklace everyday that my mother gifted me which bears an arrow and the words, “Find Your True North.” However, inContinue reading “(Un)Packing Up, Again”

Back to Basics: Photo Lesson #1 & Rookie Mistakes

I am by no means a professional photographer. One of my goals for the 2021 is to finally sell a photo of mine — and to print more, too. Until then, I like to consider myself an enthusiast who just so happens to know more than your average geek. But I still can make aContinue reading “Back to Basics: Photo Lesson #1 & Rookie Mistakes”

An Ode To A Cat We Never Expected To Have

About 14 years ago, my pet parakeet, Elmo, was coming to the end of his life. I’d had him since I was a child, and he’d flown with us from New Jersey to Ohio after my family moved to the Midwest in 2001. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Who gets a parakeet as aContinue reading “An Ode To A Cat We Never Expected To Have”

iSwitched! From iPhone to Android with the Pixel 4a

Two weeks later with what Google is touting as everything you need, for less It was an emotional moment for me a few weeks ago. My Pixel 4a arrived in the mail. I powered it on, swapped out my SIM card, and began setting up my first Android phone in about five years. I then *gulp* turned off iMessageContinue reading “iSwitched! From iPhone to Android with the Pixel 4a”

The iPhone 12 Pro Won’t Magically Make You a ‘Pro’ Photographer

Cover image is a screenshot from Peter McKinnon’s latest video. Check it out! Let me just say that I love what Apple is doing to push the photo industry — and the creativity industry forward. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro first impressions videos are finally live on YouTube, with some of the best comingContinue reading “The iPhone 12 Pro Won’t Magically Make You a ‘Pro’ Photographer”

The Photos You Don’t Take

First of all, this isn’t about ways to be more present in our day-to-day lives; that’s a conversation for another day. Over the last year, I’ve tried to jump into the world of street photography headfirst, approaching strangers and asking for their picture, keeping a quick-draw wrist strap attached to my camera at all times,Continue reading “The Photos You Don’t Take”