Baguettes, Beignets, and the French Police

The next morning we both woke up in much better moods than the ones we went to bed in. We actually got some rest and were eager to get back out on the road and continue our journey, that day making our way to Nice. We helped ourselves to the Vertigo’s breakfast, careful to prepareContinue reading “Baguettes, Beignets, and the French Police”

That Tricky, Tainted Four Letter Word

Jack Kerouac, the beat-generation darling responsible for fueling countless road trips and soul- searching backpackers over the last six decades, once wrote, “The road is life.” This is by far the easiest of his quotes for people of all ages to prophesize, exploit, and it resides among others like, “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’tContinue reading “That Tricky, Tainted Four Letter Word”