(Un)Packing Up, Again

I’m someone who is fascinated by starting over, probably because it took me nearly 24 years to finally start a new life for myself. I’m not a fan of sitting still. I also wear a necklace everyday that my mother gifted me which bears an arrow and the words, “Find Your True North.” However, inContinue reading “(Un)Packing Up, Again”

A Train Travels Through Italy

Harman and I would be leaving for La Spezia in just about an hour, continuing our journey on our way to Cinque Terre. I had always dreamed of seeing the five villages, and when we began planning our trip the previous winter it was one of the destinations that he and I both agreed wasContinue reading “A Train Travels Through Italy”

That Tricky, Tainted Four Letter Word

Jack Kerouac, the beat-generation darling responsible for fueling countless road trips and soul- searching backpackers over the last six decades, once wrote, “The road is life.” This is by far the easiest of his quotes for people of all ages to prophesize, exploit, and it resides among others like, “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’tContinue reading “That Tricky, Tainted Four Letter Word”